Hand Crafted Goats Milk Soap

There are many benefits to using Goats Milk Soap. 

It is full of Natural Emollients, Vitamins and Triglycerides that moisturize the skin. 

**It also contains proteins that kill acne-causing bacteria

Goats Milk Soap is very beneficial for anyone that suffers from Exzema, Psoriasis, or Sensitive Skin.

It contains no harsh chemicals, and contains essential vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins D,C, B1,B6, B12 and E that feed the skin.

It is naturally Anti- Bacterial. It is also an excellent moisturizer for all skin types and contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid to promote new skin cell growth

Each Bar of my Goats Milk Soap will contain Goats Milk,Coconut Oil and Palm Oil in their base

**Please take note if you are allergic to any of these

My Goats Milk Soap will contain Glycerin, which is a natural Humectant ~ A skin loving ingredient which is super moisturizing. Most "Store Bought" soaps have removed the Glycerin so they will have longer shelf life in the store or your cabinet. 

Each Bar of Soap will weigh Approx. 4-5 oz and will last about 4 weeks if kept out of the steady stream of water in the bath or shower.

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